One of my friends is telling me about Mesothelioma and risk of the is cancer and I was shocked about this problem then I met my family doctor to discuss about this Mesothelioma.  He told me about the Mesothelioma cancer which is affecting human body through asbestos sheet when they used it in top of the home. If anyone work in Asbestos manufacturing company then they will face this problem.  I really shocked about this system and I really need to search about mesothelioma.

Also I wanted to get more information about this keyword because I want to protect people from this cancer hundred percent.  Most of the american knew about it because they faced this problem for the past twenty years so we need to get more information about it.  We should keep away from asbestos and we should not use it in home.  After that I went to my village search about asbestos sheet homes then I was shocked to see some of them were used the asbestos sheet.

I told them to remove it immediately because of the risk and I explained about the risk of asbestos.  They also shocked and told me to remove it soon and they wanted to safe top for their home.  I was happy that day because I helped some of my village people to avoid this kind risky home top.  No one think about the risk of asbestos and many company still producing the asbestos sheets in India as well as worldwide but they could not know about this risk factor.  Please do not use it at home to avoid this asbestos sheets to protect your family members.