Mesothelioma is the dangerous cancer when we use the asbestos in home.  It may affect all the staff who is working in Asbestos manufacturing company so you should alert when you work in this kind of chemical based factory.  I need to get give some ideas about symptoms of Mesothelioma here.

You can identify through Symptoms of shortness of breath due to pleural effusion, fluid between lung and the chest wall, Chest wall pain, and general symptoms of weight loss.  Normally, weight loss is having several reasons but you can take Chest X-Ray and CT Scan which is identify your health problems.  So we need not give the most extreme reports about Mesothelioma because doctors only decide to identify your problems.  We just alert and try to protect people from Cancer.

You can also do the biopsy (Tissue Sample Test), and Microscopic Examination to identify the cancer and you just take another thoracoscopy which is inserting a tube with a camera into the chest,  It can be used to take biopsies.  You can get treatment through the leading doctors through chemotheraphy, Radiation Theraphy and Surgery (If required).