Asbestos is having silicate minerals that are having strands of fibers.  It might be affected the human body when we under the asbestos sheet in factory, home or other place under the roof of asbestos.  Asbestos are having strong and enough flexible to be woven and its ability to resist heat, capacity to insulate, and flexibility to be woven.  Asbestos are having two types namely 1) Amphibole and 2) Serpentine

Mesotheliamo is the primary cause of Asbestos because it is a cancer of the lining around various parts of human organs.  It is affecting our lungs which is the inhaled so it is frequently occurs of lining which is called the pleura.  It is affecting two way, one is a scarring of lung tissue and second one is Lung Cancer.

So It is affecting all the human who are living or working under the asbestos sheet.  It may be affecting the miners, doctors, engineers, Boiler works, plumbers, Insulators, Railroad Workers, Teachers, Construction workers, shipyard workers, Ricemill workers and many human who are working under the roof of Asbestos.

You can find the asbestos in our day to day life because it is living with us through : Paints, Pipes, Valves, Boilers, Hair dryers, Iron and Iron based products, Ceiling and Floor tiles, Brakes, Packing Materials and many chemicals products.  So we should avoid chemicals where we live?  We should live without chemicals in our life.